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about RaZzin'

It’s more than just another party…. It is a happening…It’s a celebration of all that was glittering, glorious, and glamorous in the Golden era of the Twenties and the surrounding years. It’s a journey  through the music, fashions, films, dances and performing arts that were popular between  1900 and early 1950’s. It’s for people who are inspired by the beauty of the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Burlesque, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vaudeville, and the Swinging 30’s and 40’s. It’s for anyone who loves the music, likes to play with identities, enjoys expressing themselves by dressing up, socialising, dancing emphatically or sipping cocktails. It’s basically for anyone who has an interest in the atmosphere and is adventurous and is open for experiments. 

Our goal is not to copy the period… it’s the celebration of the innovation, decadence and glamour of the time that is the key to our swanky soiree. Every guest can decide for himself how deep he wants to die into the cultural history of the period to join the fun.


For those of you who don’t know it… Party Music did not start with Rock-n-Roll… and we’re gonna prove it.

AT the RaZzin party you can enjoy many of the cutting edge music styles that were popular from the first half of the last century. Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Swing Jazz, Boogie, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Latin American music, Ragtime and more. Since the origin, there has always been a large interest in these styles of music and many of the  original  artists and their compositions have inspired many others up through the 50’s and 60’s until today that are totally RaZzin’!  We will be spinning not only the original recording but also a fair amount of these  music styles that were recorded later for your  dancing and listening pleasure!

If you are a performer and interested in doing your act that fits RaZzin', DO let us know!: [email protected]

"Okay, so you had the Depression. You had speakeasies where illegal drinking went on. You had people brewing noxious and potentially lethal alcohol in their bathtubs. The Jazz Age had a million words for simply everything to do with drinking, from 'panther sweat' (whisky) to 'coffin varnish' (illegal, bootleg liquor) to 'screaming meemies' (getting the shakes. Which you'd probably do if you were hungover or had just drunk a friend's illegal home-brew)."





We can also organise a 1920's style party including entertainment for YOUR event:

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